Learn About WordPress And WordPress Uses

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Learn About WordPress And WordPress Uses

How to Start WordPress:

As we know, it is free to use and modify online. When you search on Google the term WordPress, there are two results shown:

• WordPress.com

• WordPress.org

Both are different platforms.WordPress.com is used asa commercialonline platform.WordPress.org is the self-hosted platform where you can design and control on the functionality of the website.

Why People Use WordPress?

There are many reasons to use this platform. Some are given below:

  • It is free to use and easy to download
  • No cost require to buy website
  • Open-source Platform
  • Modern features Involve
  • Versatile and easy to handle
  • Accessible and user-friendly
  • Works with every type of devices
  • Extensible and add additional plugins
  • No coding Require
  • SEO Friendly

We live in a technology world where communication can be done via online platforms. If you want to get information about any topic, you go online for that topic. WordPress is used for blogging sites where information gets easily in one place. Blogging sites are also useful for advertising our business online.

Blogging is a platform used by many bloggers across the world. It began in an individual way to use and use by many big organizations also.

At a personal level, blogs are used only to share your thoughts with family and friends but blogs are used also for providing useful information to online audiences who search for relevant data. At the commercial level, blogs are useful for branding and advertising purpose also.

Simple Steps to Start WordPress and Blog Activities:

• Search the best hosting for your website>

• Select a domain name according to your blog>

• Customize your site design

• Choose free or paid themes

• Add Plugins for extra features

• Create pages for the website

• Add your blog and Post online

If you are new to run a WordPress website and want a more reliable guide to operating WordPress, The Speed Technology assists you. When you use the right WordPress tools, you can make the website creation process smooth.

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